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The Parish Church of Denny was still a part of that of Falkirk in 1560. By 1601, Denny was made a Parish in it's own right. The original church appears to have been in the old pre-reformation chapel which originally stood on the site.

The church went through many changes over the years, with the church built in the 17th century being demolished to make way for the building which stands today.

The building had another major renovation in 1928 with the building of a new hall and renovations within the church that created the chancel area. The halls were further expanded in 1991.

During World War II, the halls were requisitioned by the army and soldiers were billeted there, including a group of Polish military.

There are many items of special interes in the church, including the original pipe organ which was installed in 1905. The stained glass windows in the main church and stairwell are also wonderful to see. 

In 2016, we welcolmed Haggs Parish Church into linkage. This was a homecoming for our former mission church and  builds a new future for both parishes.

( With thanks to Jim Thomsom, who researched and wrote a history of the church on our 400th anniversary in 2001. Copies of his book are available from the church.)