We are back!

Our church services are back, with singing now allowed. There is no need to book a place anymore, however, there are still some restrictions. We are following the 1 meter rule and request that masks are worn indoors at all times. We will also need you to log your track and trace details at the door, either by speaking to the duty elders or by scanning th QR code on entry.

We are ready to welcome our members friends and visitors. our Sunday Club will also be restarting once the schools return after summer.

We look forward to seeing you.

Denny Old Parish Church Prayer Tree

Here is a place and a moment to be still and simply to be with Jesus, to know his presence and his peace. The church can be dark even on sunny days but if we look at the light coming in through the chancel windows, we know that we need few words here and just the desire to be in his presence.

Bring to Him all the anxieties and troubles you feel, and the pains you may be bearing.  He can bear them - leave them with him.

This form of prayer is just about allowing God to be God and letting him speak to you and you to rest in him.

Perhaps you are wanting prayers said for you or others or for places in the world where there is suffering. Beside this card are prayer leaves. Please write your prayer on a leaf.  If you place it on the tree or beside the tree we will take a note of it. This prayer list will be updated fortnightly and a copy will be at the Prayer Tree for you and others to include in your prayers. You cn find the latest list here

There will also be other leaves lying at our Praying Tree, so feel free to take them, fill them out and return them to our Praying Tree.